Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Bento4Lunch!


I've recently become interested in the Japanese art of bento, and have decided to start a blog about my experience with it. In short, bento is about creating attractive meals in small portions, but with a lot of variety. Unlike may bento-ers, I don't focus specifically on Japanese cuisine in my bento lunches, because, well... I'm not Japanese. I also don't focus on making cute shapes and cutouts with my food; this is bento strictly for adults (but not, like, in a dirty way). I use recipes that I'm already familiar with, and try to emphasize freshness, simplicity, and healthfulness.

I try to make my lunches conform to 2 bento rules: first, I try to have at least 5 colors in my bento every day. This ensures that I have a good balance of foods. Second and less strictly observed, is the 3:1:2 rule, wherein there are 3 parts veggies/fruits to 1 part carbs to 2 parts proteins (by volume).

Coming up in the next post: photos and descriptions of my bento boxes!

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